• Workshops
  • Congresses
  • Virtual and Hybrid events

We support you to find reliable event tech and help you choose the most appropriate platform for your next event.
Virtual and hybrid events are here to stay!
We support all the NETWORKING activity for the congress logistics with great expertise.
Based on the number of participants, access to the place, budget and the requested technology equipment we provide a selection of resorts within the desired geographical area.
The venue must to satisfy our sustainability requirements.
Once the venue has been decided, our service includes all the necessary support from hospitality to the congress, from arrival to departure, and each delegate is personally assisted.

ECFS Artimino IT
ECFS Artimino IT
ECFS St.Maxime FR
ANCE Verona IT
ECFS Verona IT
CF Garda IT
ENERSYS Artimino Firenze IT
Università degli Studi, Dip.Medicina e Sanità Pubblica -Verona IT
Sime - Padova
ECFS Malaga Spain
ECFS Malta
FederfarmaVeneto -Venezia IT
ECFS Tirrenia
ECFS Malta Corinthia 2014
ECFS Malta poster session
ECFS Malta Basic Science
Malta-The Fortress Builders
ECFS Basic Science Albufeira Portugal
Sao Rafael Atlantic Hotel - beach!
Sao Rafael Atlantic Hotel - way to the beach
ECFS auditorium Sao Rafael
ECFS BS 2015
ECFS BS 2015 poster session
ECFS 2015 social porgramme - Cape St. Vincente, the southwesternmost point in Portugal
ECFS 2015 awards
Enersys 2020 2015 Museo Nicolis
Serafino Rudari performance
ECFS BS Malaga 2013
  • Anchoring the congress website to the link of and online management
  • Management of contracts with sponsors including pre-submission to AIFA
  • In collaboration with a provider of our group, we offer full management of all ECM applications for the assignment of credit points to the congress participants, and we submit to the Ministry of Health all the documents and information requested within the set deadline. We prepare all the paperwork to register participants and collect subscription fees also issuing relevant invoices, including after-event mailing of the credit point certificate.
  • Collection of abstracts, setting up of poster areas
  • CD ROM and magnetic media
  • Mailing of preliminary programmes with personalised graphics
  • Resort selection for meetings
  • Estimates
  • Scenic design, choreography, posters and signs
  • Suppliers supervision to ensure top quality/price ratio
  • Catering companies supervision for bespoke menu
  • Hotel selection support
  • Secretariat support with multi-language assistants
  • Specialist interpreting service
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