magnificent Verona

Verona is the city symbol of lovers, a city rich in history for 2000 years and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a crossroads of European importance

Twenty centuries of history and twenty thousands of spectators every evening for the whole summer. "1913-2013": 100 years of opera in Arena.

Every year the programme includes operas, recitals, balletts and concerts

Verona, this vibrant city offers some of the best locations for your networking events ...

Enjoy meeting new people, strengthening exiting relationships and sharing experiences

Casa di Giulietta

Piazza delle Erbe e Piazza dei Signori, Dante Alighieri

i Cortili e le Arche Scaligere

Sottoriva e Cadrega, il fiume Adige e Castel San Pietro

...the city of gastronomical delights and fine wine cellars. The Veronese cuisine is appreciated at an international level because of the variety of its dishes...

Ponte Pietra, Teatro Romano e museo Archeologico, Castelvecchio

Ponte Scaligero/Ponte Vecchio, museo di Castelvecchio

FASHION GUIDE -Verona and Milan SHOPPING TOURS with a professional Image & Style Consultant


Verona to the west overlooking Lake Garda, the "Riviera degli Olivi", which hosts prestigious cultural events and sports competitions, an ideal place for recreation and team building activities.

Island of Garda

In a territory which contains such a vast variety of landscape-flatlands, flowing water, the lake, hills and mountains, it is possible to perform nearly every type of sport. From golf nearly everywhere, to skiing in Monte Baldo and in LESSINIA. From mountain-biking to horseriding, from climbing to rafting and canoying, surfing and sailing


In the hills of LESSINIA, which rise to the north of the city, you can discover a natural bridge, beautiful waterfalls, lush forests, unique rock formations and very important and precious fossiles

The paradise for trekking, mountain bike and ski

the territory of Verona and its surroundings offer a great choice of GOLF COURSES

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