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We offer WINE TRIP INFOTAINMENT EVENTS for visitors to Verona Or for corporate groups at the Italian venue they prefer (Winery - Hotel and congress center - Villa)

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Do you know Verona?

It’s a special place, a living medieval city built on roman foundations. This still affects people’s lifestyle especially the way they relate to the food products and wine that come in from the surrounding countryside. There’s an unbroken centuries old tradition of going for the best and the Veronese have turned their enjoyment of good food and fine wines into an art!

We believe that familiarity with a country’s wine and food is a key to understanding its culture and a better knowledge of an area’s local products helps the wine tourist to see a destination’s cultural landscape in a new light.

We are taking people to the heart of this area’s food & wine culture - that means genuine wining and dining experiences. On the second step of this journey we offer formal lessons and training classes leading to practical sessions of tasting and testing.

"Starting from the city's hostelries and taverns we moved to wineries in the countryside guided by local wine experts"

TOURING and TRAINING Format includes:

  • WINE TRIP, infotainment in full immersion courses with training in wine tasting aimed at the most demanding and curious wine and food tourists
  • INCENTIVATING group activities of team building based on wine tasting for corporate clients


TALKING ABOUT THE WINE TRIP courses and tastings, we offer a number of different experiences: a foundation course of approximately 2 ½ hours aimed at those with limited time available or a course of 4 hours;

1) Tasting the Wines of the Veneto – The Standard Lesson that can be done in any language and will be part of the Day and Half-Day Trips.

Length: 2 and ½ hours

Venue: A restaurant or osteria in Verona Wines Tasted: Prosecco, Soave, Valpolicella, Amarone

Learning objectives:

How to taste wines – What aspect, fragrance and flavor can tell us about a wine’s quality, grape varieties and age. Describing flavors, fragrances and textures. Vocabulary – both technical and descriptive language. The descriptions of a wine technician may be quite different from those of a wine journalist, a restaurateur or a wine collector. All are valid, but each reflects different ways of making a useful memory, one that will help the taster make future decisions about the wine he or she buys and drinks.

The Wines of the Veneto: Prosecco, Soave, Valpolicella (mention Superiore/Ripasso), Amarone.

Locating the vineyard zones and discussing what makes the zones special. The principal indigenous grape varieties used in the wines. A brief explanation of how the wines are made, including a brief description of how sparkling wine is made (for Prosecco) and a description of appassimento - the process that makes Amarone wine special. 

Matching Wines with food - How the flavors of food affect a taster’s perception of a wine’s flavor. Cheese Experiment, Apple Experiment – these shows how food changes one’s perception of a wine’s flavor. 



2) 4 hour Version (Course A) The Veneto Wine Experience

Venue: A winery

The above Standard Course, plus: A visit to a winery and to atmospheric drying lofts.

An expanded lesson on matching wine with food.


Veneto Wines Sampled: Prosecco, Soave, Valpolicella (+Superiore/Ripasso), Amarone

4 hour Version (Course B) Soave Crus

The Standard Wine Tasting Course, plus Visit to the medieval town of Soave, visit to the castle (perhaps) A carriage ride through the vineyards (perhaps) Lunch at an interesting local restaurant.

enlightenedWINE TRIP:

The object of the lessons is to heighten the senses and to better perceive the taste and smell of wines in practical sessions of tasting, a learning experiences designed to be enjoyable well as instructive. The lessons are built around the needs of:

  • ENOTOURISTS to extend their wine knowledge and ability to recognize and appreciate specific products in unique situations of intimate contact with these world famous wines.
  • CORPORATE CLIENTS, as an INCENTIVATING activity and for TEAMBUILDING: short courses and tasting sessions which put participants in touch with their basic sense impressions, freely expressed in descriptions and as opinions in innovative communication exercises. These are aimed at reinforcing interpersonal relations and positively influencing group dynamics.


The METHOD is taught by professionals in interactive lessons, which we think are fun and engaging. We want to give an exclusive insight into the world of wine production taking you off the usual tourist routes into the word of wine behind the landscapes of Valpolicella, Bardolino, Custoza, Lugana and Soave to visit genuine and unique locations.

The designers of the course, Patricia Guy and Michael Benson have both the WSET Certificates and Diploma. And both won scholarships based on their tasting abilities.

LOCATION: courses and events will be held on the premises of a number of prestigious wineries (4 hours lesson) or in osterie, wine bar or restaurants in Verona’s historical city centre (2h,30 lesson).

LANGUAGE: entertainment and training activities will be held and taught in English or in the most common European languages and Russian on request.

PARTICIPANTS: the best group size is 6 to 25.

The atmosphere of a wine tasting is ideal for bringing people together and getting them to express themselves. We know how to stimulate and animate people with this activity so as to achieve the corporate client’s goals.

Wine Tasting Challenge - BLIND TASTING Milano 2015

TALKING ABOUT INCENTIVATING GROUP ACTIVITIES of TEAM BUILDING, we are offering a wide range of experiences around the top winery estates. Some game activities may take place as well at a HOTEL venue, where ever you are, for a meeting or for leisure, as ludic aperitif games:


  • Blind tasting … the unthinkable experience
  • A concert, wine & food tasting in complete darkness
  • Wine Tasting Challenge
  • Wine’s got talent
  • “Master Chef” contests, treasure hunts where culture, ability, agility, creativity are put to the test
  • Safari to discover unspoilt spots and find the subject of the meeting
  • Experiences in the vineyard
  • Special cooking and pastry courses
  • Eat while playing the Zara game, recalling Dante Alighieri’s time, medieval stories about the art of love
  • “Glamping”: chic brunches and aperitifs in the vineyards

    Blind tasting … the unthinkable experience
    After a tour of the cellars, the visitor is taken to our tasting rooms where he/she can decide to be either blind folded, or to have the bottles or the glasses covered. This is a very good way to learn how to use our senses (smell, taste) without the help of our eyes.
    It lies within the skill of our team to split people into groups and create a sensory and educational game that will entertain, amaze and educate. .

  • A concert, wine & food tasting in complete darkness
    Enjoy the company of people and immerse yourself in music whilst singing opera enthralled by darkness. Experience the feel of sculptures, the taste of wine without using the sense we rely upon most.
    It will be extremely interesting and instructive to discover how the dark can change perceptions and the way we relate to strangers.
    When the experience comes to end and the lights are turned on we hope you will vividly remember the sensations which you have heard, touched, tasted and felt.


100 WINE ITINERARIES, more than 600 irresistible venues.

Design your next unique event in a friendly and effervescent atmosphere.
Discover with us one of the most prestigious wine making regions in Italy and the most effervescent wine venues around Verona, Valpolicella, Soave, Custoza, Lugana and Franciacorta driven by emotional incentives.
These places are rich in culture and tradition, with a soft atmosphere intertwined with the noble aromas of woody wine barrels, cellars belonging to ancient villas, wine caves and modern technological establishments. Group sizes depend on the location as some have restricted space.

The words Wine & Food are much more mysterious than we think. The Veronese cellars are breathtaking for their splendor and a perfect setting for a sublime food & wine experience.
Within these magic venues hospitality comes first, but above all we try to make it a pleasurable experience.  

... have a look of what is going to happen in SOAVE and come to visit us, you will enjoy it!  


Then don't miss the best Osterie's City Tour, the “Verona wine-tasting path” taking you through the town of eternal love. This is the most pleasant way to enjoy the true soul of this town.
Together we will discover a paradise of arts and flavours following a pathway from River Adige – the ancient business area crowded by thousands of characters and where the most ancient inns are still located.
Today you will still find old people playing cards, playing mandolin like in the old times of Berto Barbarani – Verona’s poet – who made of those inns his preferential spot to court the town’s young ladies.

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